01 January 2007

Happy New Year

This is probably the least bad time to share what projects I have on my list.
I live by lists :-)
This particular one, is my quilty list. My list of projects started, but not yet finished.
None have (yet) transgressed into the murky realm of UFO-hood (Un Finished Object), but one or two is dancing on a very fine line.

I have :

Sampler, mostly with Dear Jane and Dear Hannah blocks. Made with kick-... donkey :-) fabrics in mostly turkey-red and bright yellows. I'm doing this with a freind in NY, and we're having a good time. Each person makes (at least) one block every month, or rather, two identical blocks. Keep one, send the other. It's ok to make 10, should inspiration bring any of us there :-) but one will do :-) It's a great way to keep the swap-pixies from the door ... you know ... the ones who say "just this one", and has you straining everything in (and around) you to finish x-number of blocks for complete strangers :-)

Quilted Diamonds all blocks finished, and setting decided on ... only not finished. I have to press and trim many, MANY blocks before it is even ready to be properly joined. And that is the big block on this one.

Applique. What will - eventually - turn into a big quilt with many small blocks many picture-blocks :-) It's not a project that gets worked on on a daily basis, but it is there.

Grandmother's Flower Garden. Very pretty pink thingie made with hand-dyes. It's going to be really sweet, and I'm using Inklingo to do most of my preparation for it :-) It will - in the fullness of time - become a quilt for my DD. Neither she nor DS has gotten a quilt from me for almost 10 years. I think it's time :-)

Another pretty, pink Grandmother's Flower Garden style quilt. It's crib-size, and is - at the present - in North America to be quilted :-) (Picture in first post on this blog)

Knitted sweater. Another blogger has finished it, and shows it off at her blog. It's not as hard to make as you might think ... at least not if you grew up with 2-colour knitting as I - more or less - did :-)

Gail Wilson kit. At the present I'm working on one of the tine cross-stitch samplers for the Early American Doll. I have every kit in that series, and have only done a hand-ful of them. I hope the year 2007 will see many small finishes from that one :-)

That makes an 7 projects that are started and not yet finished.
Considering that I want to get below 5 and was there at one point in 2006, this is slightly embarassing.
Considering that I started my UFO-battling with about 50 started, but not-yet-finished
projects almost 5 years ago, this is very good going :-)
BUT, these projects will get some sort of priority in the year 2007 :-) and then let's see how many gets finished :-)

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