08 January 2007

A weakness ....

I have many weaknesses :-)
But one of the needle-work related ones is doll-making. Particularly the dolls from Gail Wilson.
Her directions are so easy to follow, and if you're a good girl and do what you're told in the directions, you will get a nice result.
And this has meant, that I have subscribed to her Early American Doll series, and have bought a few other kits over the years and ...
Here they are. All 20+ not-yet-made kits.

They are in a basket, that on it's part is squeezed in between DS's PS2 and one of the book-shelves I use for quilting-books.
I really need to start finishing some of these :-) Particularly as today saw yet another kit coming in the door !

On a slightly less desperate note, I have finished 3 sampler-blocks for this month's exchange. There might be more and there might not, but here they are. The machine-sewing experiment of January 2007.
Not trimmed but ... I'm sure you'll agree that this will end up being one kick ... donkey quilt :-)

Most fabrics are from the Lancaster County collection 1 and 2 :-) a few from Pennsylvania Plain and Fancy, a dollop of Turkey-reds from Moda, and whatever shirtings or nice quality muslin we can lay our hands on :-) Nice, eyeopening combination me thinks.

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Jennifer said...

Hi, Tilde! This is Jennifer in Tokyo. I enjoy your new quilt blog, and have (un)fortunately re-discovered Gail Wilson's beautiful doll kits. Must get a couple soon. My daughters are 2 and 6 months now. I use my Scherenkonig scissors all the time, and have re-started my Dear Jane quilt blocks. :-)

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Hope you are well and have fun with your 2007 projects!