31 March 2008

Last day of March

Another long silence from me in blog-land. Well. Can't be helped. Occasionally real life takes priority.
BUT, just to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking, I thought I had better post something, so here's a picture of my "folly", with the working-title "Raspberry Truffle".

It's a small top, made from two sets of charms. Judie Rothermel's Charleston IV, with a few snippets of some chocolate fabric from my shelves.
Not great art, but fast and fun :-)
Oh, and two sets of charms with 28 pieces of 5" squares equals about a yard of fabric, so ... that's one yard less on the shelves and out in circulation ... and there will be a backing too :-) So ... all in all, 1½ yards will go into the making of this one.
Amazing, isn't it ?

Have to sign off now. But I promise, I will attempt to not let another month pass before I let hear from me again.