08 February 2012

In time for Valentine's Day

 I really wanted to show you pictures of the finished Passacaglia (yes, it is finished !) but the weather is behaving dreadfully, and the helper/s I need to hold up the quilt, out of doors, in daylight, leave before there's enough light outside, and do not come back until it is too dark.
The blessings of living in Ultima Thule (well ... not quite, just in Copenhagen)
SO, here are pictures of another finish. Pictures I could take without any helpers around.

I finished another shawl!

Yes, I am on a knitting roll here :-)
 Pattern is free on Ravelry, is made by Sylvie Beez, and is called 'Valentine's Hearts'.

I made a few modifications of my own, added another row of hearts, and the row of diamonds to the outside of the thing. Easy-peasy :-)

And I'll get back to you with the Passacaglia.