04 February 2012

The challenges of buying on-line

Picture from web-page
So, I bought some yarn on-line, at String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn. As always, when shopping on-line, I based my choice on the picture on the web-page.  (I've slurped the picture on the left from said web-page.)

Then the yarn arrived.

Picture taken with flash

And I wrote the shop
And they could see my point (that the picture and the actual yarn do not really look like they are even remote cousins), so they offered to take the yarn back.
Picture taken in natural light

But, having pondered that, I don't think so. I love the feel of this yarn, and am adjusting myself to having something in my yarn-stash which seems to be actual chameleon yarn;  showing new colours depending on where you take it :-)

And I assure you, the two pictures on the right are both taken on my porch, within 1 minute of the same day, the only difference being that one picture has the yarn held in my hand, and the flash going off, the other has yarn further away from me than arm's length, and no flash going off.
Same skein, same place, same setting of camera.

Anyway: I kind-of like the idea of having a yarn which is this different in colouration depending on the light. And even though I do think it shows up somewhat too brown in my indoor light, I like the look of it outside well enough.

... and it does feel gorgeous in my hand, so ... I look forward to knitting with it.
So is this a diss of the yarn-dyers?
Far from it. Having taken a flash-picture of the yarn, I can see where their picture comes from. The yarn feels delightful in my hand. And they reacted promptly, courteously and with due diligence to my mail on the colour-issue. So, other than getting something I didn't think I ordered, I'm a happy customer :-)

... oh, and the quality is Caper Sock, 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon, colour "Earthquake".

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