14 July 2007

July finishes

Two doll-quilts in lovely Japanese taupes, with squares and circles from Oakshott-fabric.
Quilted and bound. Still to be signed. But thats the least part of it ... which is probably why I so often never get around to it :-)

And the tiny purse from Yoko Saito's "House"-book is finished too.
Pictures of the two sides.

Lots of taupes.
Lots of muted, subtle nuances.
Lovely in and of itself.
All the same. A long burst of neutrals makes me long for colours ... which is why its now on to the brights and to "fuchsia and chartreuse are neutrals" ... I think :-)

04 July 2007

... to be bound ...

Only one decision left : dark or light binding ? Time will tell. I lean towards dark, but then, I always do :-)

02 July 2007


On your left : the 4-leaf clover-style folded-fabric hair-thingie that I made for DD. She's fairly happy with it ... but would have preferred it to be black with sculls on it.
And yes, it is DD who's modelling it, and yes, she said she had brushed her hair "really well" , and no, she hadn't, and the revenge of the Mother is, to put a picture of it, here, on the 'net, for everyone to see !!!

And on your right :
the progress of the doll-quilt-quilting.
It doesn't show well on this picture, but there are diagonal quilting-lines running the other way too, making the quilting a sort-of cross-hatching ... with very, VERY wide spaces between.
And - as always - I'm amazed at how invisible a light quilting-thread becomes once its in a quilt. Well, naturally it does show, does so on the light fabrics too, but its not conspicuous, even on the really dark fabrics.

01 July 2007

Banners etc

.. but first : flowers that went perfectly with both vase and the table-topper-thingie.

Only flowers are new. The rest just went perfectly well with them :-)

And below, the banner that DDs freind made yesterday, back and front. DD couldn't be bothered to make a quilted one, but freind and I worked very well together most of the afternoon, designing and executing the vision.

Featuring :
3D-leaves, that will be sewn to the back-ground with a quilting-stitch, thus making the "string" in the centre of the leaf as well as securing it.
AND folded origami-"flowers" that can be said to look like the quatrefoils that are part of the 4H-logo ... at least when the colours are green. DD has ordered one as a hairpiece, so ... that'll be the job of today ... after church :-)