30 April 2011

Another Sunflower

I've been working on other things these past weeks, mostly paid work, but ... another little 6" Sunflower has now joined the Drunkard's Path flowers on my design-board.
This is going to be one kick-a... pardon, kick-donkey quilt.
All in the fullness of time :-)

06 April 2011

Maybe ....

One of the things I'm (re-)-learning is, that I'm not particularly good at finishing things on the machine. I know it goes quickly, but ... machine-work really isn't my thing, when hand-work is available.

HOWever, my flower-field, made with the Inklingo Drunkard's Path collection, is now (slowly) being joined on the machine,
... and as it is going up on the design-wall, it fills it out more and more,
... and my little 6" Sunflower-block was swallowed,
... and .... hmmm .... maybe I should make a few more 6" Sunflowers in (surprise), green and pink (mostly)
... and maybe intersperse them between the simple rounds made with the Drunkard's Path blocks.

Well, no harm, no foul, I can make the blocks, and if they don't work out after all, I can just (did I write 'just' ?) make a zillion of them and get my Sunflower quilt. I seriously think it looks good there. Breaks the monotony of the circles beautifully :-) But it could be just me. One thing is for sure, the next Sunflower will get corners from 4 different greens, not just the one.
Imagine finishing one quilt-top, while surreptitiously starting a new one, all in the name of enhancing the first ?
Miscuit utilis dulce ? (To mix the useful with the delightful. Horace in Ars Poetica, line 343), good name for a quilt, wouldn't you say ? And so apt.

03 April 2011

Here comes the Sun(flowers)

For ages and ages and ages I've wanted to make a Sunflower quilt, but frankly, the thought of marking and cutting all those curvy triangles gives me the hives. Now I don't have to mark them !
Linda Franz has a Sunflower collection out (for 6" and 12" blocks), and I'm happy as a hog in mud :-)

What is more, the 6" size is eminently scrap-friendly, so I might just try to use this to make a dent in my scrap-basket ... yeah, right. Dream on.

Thank you, I will :-D

First Sunflower on the left. If you want to see more of it, go to Linda's Sunflower page (you might want to get the design-book while it's free)

If you decide to buy and need a printing-table, you can find it at the Inklingo Sampler blog.