06 April 2011

Maybe ....

One of the things I'm (re-)-learning is, that I'm not particularly good at finishing things on the machine. I know it goes quickly, but ... machine-work really isn't my thing, when hand-work is available.

HOWever, my flower-field, made with the Inklingo Drunkard's Path collection, is now (slowly) being joined on the machine,
... and as it is going up on the design-wall, it fills it out more and more,
... and my little 6" Sunflower-block was swallowed,
... and .... hmmm .... maybe I should make a few more 6" Sunflowers in (surprise), green and pink (mostly)
... and maybe intersperse them between the simple rounds made with the Drunkard's Path blocks.

Well, no harm, no foul, I can make the blocks, and if they don't work out after all, I can just (did I write 'just' ?) make a zillion of them and get my Sunflower quilt. I seriously think it looks good there. Breaks the monotony of the circles beautifully :-) But it could be just me. One thing is for sure, the next Sunflower will get corners from 4 different greens, not just the one.
Imagine finishing one quilt-top, while surreptitiously starting a new one, all in the name of enhancing the first ?
Miscuit utilis dulce ? (To mix the useful with the delightful. Horace in Ars Poetica, line 343), good name for a quilt, wouldn't you say ? And so apt.


Cyn ;-) said...

What a brilliant idea to mix these two blocks! I love it. You have a lot of talent, Tilde, thank you for sharing it with all of us.
hugs, /;-)

svelder said...

Very nice, I like that sunflower just growing right there and the colors are superb! I love your posts and look forward to them!

Elly D said...

Love the sunflower in the mix :) This is going to be another gorgeous quilt :)
Hope you are feeling a bit better.