27 February 2012

Waiting for the log-cabining ...

While I get the rest of the blocks log-cabined, and start getting them together, here's a picture of a finish I haven't shown before.
The Hana-shawl.

Now, I do love the design of the floral border.
I don't mind short-rows at all either.
But I don't get the 'fad' for shawls that are almost scarves. Very slim, half-moon shaped ones.
Oh, well. If I knit this one again, I'll be experimenting on how to make it so that the centre of the shawl becomes long enough to actually cover my back.

I used Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend for it, and ... yes ... it is a lovely yarn, but ...
I always compare prize to quality, and there has to be some correspondence between the two, and on this one, in my opinion, the prize is simply too high when compare with what one gets.
I get it that it is artisan-work and kettle-dyed.
I get that the dyeing is not completely even.
I still do not care for a yarn that has decidedly white spots when knitted.
SO, all in all, yarn, pattern and prize:
I like it, but I love it not.

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LuAnn said...

I love the shawl, but I agree with you about wanting "more" there to cover your back. I know the Manos is pricy here also. I'm glad that I have a yarn stash as well as fabric.