11 February 2012

Hexagon Alphabet

I have finally moved on the Hexagon letters that I published on the Inklingo Sampler blog in 2011
(see here). There will - in the fullness of time - be better directions for putting it together than is now up at the Sampler-blog, but ... here are the pictures to tide you over :-)
The front, all pieced together and with the border attached.
Backing, pieced from left overs, miscuts and other scraps of the two fabrics used in the top.
Marked up! and with the thread ready to roll.
Gratuitous kitty-picture


martha said...

love it. those are the words of the day:)

Hanne said...

Lovely quilt :-)

Linda and Monkey said...

There must be history for the Q. Related to an ancient alphabet? I love the whole thing.