26 October 2009

Passacaglia # 21

Oh dear :-)
After a slight hiatus, another Passacaglia-block within less than a week from the former :-)
This one is - in general style - copied from one of Lucy Boston's original blocks. Her checkered fabric, however, is blue, not pink :-)
BUT, I like it

... and 20 blocks on the design-wall.
It will be (at least) 4 x 6 blocks, since I have 2 fully prepped and 2 partially prepped blocks.

24 October 2009

Passacaglia # 20

And another Passacaglia-block.
This brings the total to 20, and I have another 5 prepped, so ... it should be at least a 60" square quilt ... and with borders, it will be larger :-)
This one is a "Devils Claw" version, and having finished it, I will confess, that should I do another one of the same kind, the centre would be the same fabric as the squares between the stars, in this case, the brown with pink dots. I will not remake it tough. I am a firm believer in burying your mistakes within the quilt. Once it is all joined, it usually works, and if there is one or two blocks that don't work within the mix, I just take it out and make a new one. Not necessarily the same as the one taken out, just another one that I think will fit better.
... and this is the reason you're not getting a picture of the 20 blocks on the design-wall. There is one in the mix that stands out too uncomfortably (this one), and that will probably become a pillow or go on the back of the quilt. It just doesn't work with the rest. SO, a picture from the design-wall will have to wait until I have # 21 pieced :-)

17 October 2009

Passacaglia # 19

FI-nally another Passacaglia-block finished.
I'm not so sure about this one.
The start of it was the fussy-cutting of the striped circles, and now I have a block, where every element seems to be in competition with every other element, clamoring for attention.
... And, as it turned out, this is the only block with no green anywhere on it.

Oh, well. It will probably go into the mix all the same. That is the beauty of making a scrappy-style quilt, even when each block is as controlled as these are. As I've heard Kaffe Fasset say "When in doubt, use 20 more colours". So ... 20 more pinks should just about do the trick :-)

09 October 2009

Another week

Uh, oh. It's already October 9th, and I have not been a good blogger, since my last was September 30th. I blame it on work. Paid work. I thought I was going to have less work in October than I had in September, but these first 8 days have been more, so ... no Passacaglia blocks to show, since none have been finished.
And the "other stuff" I'm working on, is practically classified, so I can't show you that ....
What I can show you, are some pictures of some "kidlet bags" I made for the two teen-agers and our "lodger" neither of whom have any "real" space downstairs.
This does not prevent any or all of them from dumping "stuff" everywhere, so ... to keep at least some surfaces relatively cleared, I made these, so that I can put their "stuff" in there, and get it off my surfaces.

The pattern is out there on the web, actually right here, and is made by blogger jcasa

I made mine, using Japanese fabrics for the shell. The main shell is made with a rather hefty half-and-half linen and cotton, two with hedgehogs, one with squirrels, and I actually enjoy seeing them there on the wall.

Besides, the 3 bag-owners, are becoming used to finding their "stuff" in the bags ... to the extent, where they have started putting things like id-cards, keys and wallets in there, so they can find them again.
All in all, a very useful addition to our household.