20 February 2012

Out of Commission

I'm down with a cold ... or the 'flu ... or whatever.

Which is why I have been silent this past week.
I did, however, finish a knitted coffee-cozy yesterday. Mindless knitting, from the head, with yarn in colours I no longer love.
BUT, it is a finish, and it is useful (and DH likes the colours, it turns out), AND I had something to do with my hands while feeling sorry for myself.

Edited on February 23:
No, I am not an evil knitting genius :-) and yes, it was mindless knitting.
I have been doing two- (or more) - colour knitting for 40+ years; knitted my first many-colour project the summer I was 13 and recuperated from mono, and at age 15 I knitted a long skirt, using cotton-yarn, and about a zillion 'happy colours' of the very bright variety, using as many as 4 different ones on a row. So, really, knitting with two colours is pretty mindless to me.
The thing is knitted from the top, and as you can see, the patterning becomes increasingly exiting (or at least less weird) as it progresses :-)


Elly D said...

That pattern doesn't look very much like 'mindless knitting' to me. Very pretty it is and quite complicated. You did good to make this while feeling sick. I hope you get well soon. :-D

Veggie Girl said...

that is very pretty.. i need to learn how to knit

Anonymous said...

this complex cozy is mindless sewing? are you a genius?