23 November 2009

Passacaglia # 27

I'm seeing a tendency here !
Every other week, I work too much (paid work). Full gale from 10 in the morning and until I drop into bed, while I constantly feel that I'm behind. The other week, however, things are fairly smooth, and I can do what is needed at work, within an ordinary 8-hour day. Those weeks more stitching happens, and blocks gets finished :-)
This is one of the easy weeks :-) So a block is finished and can be presented this Monday evening.

This is the third block from the fabric that the two previous has been cut from. The common ground does not seem obvious to me, except in the coloring, which is very nice. It also teaches one, that with judicious cutting, one fabric can go a long way.

20 November 2009

Passacaglia # 26

Well ... it has taken me 10 days to get this one done.

Fussy-cutting had to take place, and the repeat in the fabric did not lend itself well to printing with Inklingo, so the stars / flowers had to be hand-prepared, and then, when I started joining them, I actually had 3 "misfires" with the internal squares.

Well, it is finished, and is looking pretty good ... even if I say so myself .... and it is not all that easy to tell, that this is the same fabric that was used in the previous Passacaglia-block (# 25), but it is :-)

10 November 2009

Passacaglia # 25

Yes ! And with fussy-cut fabrics too :-)
I had to hand-prepare the flower on this one, because the repeat on the fabric was not compatible with the size of the bits I used. Oh, well. Could have been much worse :-) I printed some sheets of freezer-paper, cut them out, and set to it.
The next one is fussy-cut too ... and hand-prepared. Stay tuned :-)

07 November 2009

Passacaglia # 24

Another one bites the dust :-)

This one is an attempt to copy one of Lucy Boston's original blocks. She used a pink-and-yellow irregular stripe, and the closest I have come to that is the batik used in this one.

She also used 4-patches for the internal squares of the block, which - naturally - made me do the same.

02 November 2009

Passacaglia # 22 AND 23

Well, what do you know. Two finished in this past week.
Both are versions of the blocks in Lucy Boston's original.
On this first one, she uses a striped fabric where I use green. I think I should have done the same, rather than have a timid little grey stripe (that doesn't even match properly), BUT, it is done, and it will work well enough in the quilt.

The other one is a pink-and-green version of Lucy Boston's red-and-white original.
MAN that woman had an eye for what colour can do for a block. Even if it is me doing them, I still get exited about how each block turns out. And even when I think I can predict what it will end up looking like, many (most) of them still manage to surprise. This is a *very* satisfying quilt to make, even if it is just "one block" and "all" that differs from one block to the next is colour-placement.