02 November 2009

Passacaglia # 22 AND 23

Well, what do you know. Two finished in this past week.
Both are versions of the blocks in Lucy Boston's original.
On this first one, she uses a striped fabric where I use green. I think I should have done the same, rather than have a timid little grey stripe (that doesn't even match properly), BUT, it is done, and it will work well enough in the quilt.

The other one is a pink-and-green version of Lucy Boston's red-and-white original.
MAN that woman had an eye for what colour can do for a block. Even if it is me doing them, I still get exited about how each block turns out. And even when I think I can predict what it will end up looking like, many (most) of them still manage to surprise. This is a *very* satisfying quilt to make, even if it is just "one block" and "all" that differs from one block to the next is colour-placement.

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Loretta said...

This is coming together beautifully. It is exciting to see how the next block is going to look.