16 March 2012

A(nother) small break from BOB

Straight-line quilting might be simple, but it still takes time (and is booooring to do !), so, to allievate the boredom, here is a picture of some drop-dead gorgeous yarn I bought :

I present to you, from left to right : Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer; Oooh ... shiny!; and Kathleen Turner Overdrive.
Yes. Those are really the names of the colourways (and she has names that are FAR more interesting than these). Indigodragonfly hand-dyed yarn, 80% Merino, 20% Cashmere, fingering weight ... yum.

12 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 3.3

SO, after a few days with no stitching (paid work does interfere with the rest of one's life), I'm back to BOB, and to trying to make something.
And now, the ambition has become, that this one needs to become a finished, actually FINISHED quilt during Lent (and thus, before Easter), so the first stop is : The backing.
I am dithering between two fabrics. Both from stash. One is the 'Princess Diana' fabric, which I - for reasons that are at the present completely unclear to me - rushed out and bought back when the lady died.
The other is a sale-fabric from 1-2 years back.

So now I'm walking around myself, looking at both, draping the 'main blue' of the front across them, and trying to make a decision.
Any input?

08 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 3.2

And I give you : A finished top.
I decided to go with the blue borders, and it looks ... good! Makes the blocks and the pink inner border pop better. At least I think so :-)

Took me just two weeks to get here too!
I can't remember when last I worked this fast.
Of course, all the blocks were there already, and that speeds up the process immensely. Now comes the big question : Can I keep it up until I have an actual finished quilt?
Well, I intend to give it my best. Just not these coming 24 odd hours, because there are things like paid-work which needs doing :-)

 BUT, stay tuned all the same. You never know :-)

07 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 3

 Hard decisions to make : 

Do I add blue corners to make the corners 90 degrees, or don't I?

Do I add a blue border all the way around or don't I?

It will definitely, eventually, be bound by the blue batik, but:

Will there be a border?
If 'yes', how wide?

I find myself at the point where I worry a bit, whether adding to it will detract from it. As a carpenter freind once taught me 'if it gets any better, it'll go to pot'. The trick is to know when you hit that particular point.

So far I am surprised - in the best possible way - by how well it is turning out.

06 March 2012

05 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 2.6

So, here they are, two rows of hexagon-flowers stitched together. The two strips are not joined to each other, just a mock-up, and ... looking good.

If they don't work with the quilt, I will have a lovely table-runner for spring.

04 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 2.5

 Not much visual difference to the main body compared to previous posts, but the edge has been trimmed, and there is a pink strip added all around.

03 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 2.4

SO, triangles are printed (using the Inklingo 3" Diamond collection), and here's the mock-up.
I think this will work.
Next step : Get the top and bottom strips joined into strips instead of just being a mock-up on a design wall.

02 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 2.3

Don't get too used to see me posting every day, it's just ... I seem to be on a roll with this one, and have - so far - had time to actually work on it, AND take pictures, AND write on this blog.
The really shocking thing about this is, that if you work on a project, it will progress !

The 'Tilde has time to quilt'-thing can change at the drop of a hat, but until that happens, I'll post my daily progress, or, if I think that is too little to merit interest, post 'something else'.

... now ... where was I ... yes ... something to make it longer.

A search through BOB brought forth 16 Hexagon flowers, each with 3" finished sides ... they are remnants of a project I don't remember even thinking of doing, but made with Inklingo (so they are no more than 5 years old). I can see that I used the now sold-out CD-1, but the 1" Hexagons and 1" Diamonds are available as downloads.
They look sort-of nice as they are placed above and below the body of the quilt, so I think I'll print some 3" Inklingo 60-degree triangles, in both the pink and the blue setting-fabric and use 14 of the 16 to make top and bottom borders of this one.

If all goes to pot, or the two elements don't work well together, I can always make a table-runner from the flowers.

01 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 2.2

All together now.
... and I could just end it here.
As is, it is 42.5 x 51". Not a huge quilt by any standards, but ... I think it could do with becoming just a tad taller ... ideally somewhere between 60 and 65" tall ... that would give a fair balance with the 'just over 40" wide' ... I think.
I'll go dig into BOB and see if anything (else) suitable hides in there. If there isn't anything bright and batik-y, I'll end the party here.