12 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 3.3

SO, after a few days with no stitching (paid work does interfere with the rest of one's life), I'm back to BOB, and to trying to make something.
And now, the ambition has become, that this one needs to become a finished, actually FINISHED quilt during Lent (and thus, before Easter), so the first stop is : The backing.
I am dithering between two fabrics. Both from stash. One is the 'Princess Diana' fabric, which I - for reasons that are at the present completely unclear to me - rushed out and bought back when the lady died.
The other is a sale-fabric from 1-2 years back.

So now I'm walking around myself, looking at both, draping the 'main blue' of the front across them, and trying to make a decision.
Any input?


Jody said...

I like them both. First inclination was the pink--blends better with the busy front, but the blue blends better color wise with your bg. Depends on what you are using for binding.....

Baby Baskets said...

The pink one gets my vote, but then I'm a girly girl