08 March 2012

Making out with BOB - week 3.2

And I give you : A finished top.
I decided to go with the blue borders, and it looks ... good! Makes the blocks and the pink inner border pop better. At least I think so :-)

Took me just two weeks to get here too!
I can't remember when last I worked this fast.
Of course, all the blocks were there already, and that speeds up the process immensely. Now comes the big question : Can I keep it up until I have an actual finished quilt?
Well, I intend to give it my best. Just not these coming 24 odd hours, because there are things like paid-work which needs doing :-)

 BUT, stay tuned all the same. You never know :-)

1 comment:

Bev in TX said...

Wow, this turned out beautiful!