24 December 2009

Passacaglia - Pattern and Give-Away

I've been collaborating with Linda Franz on making a free pattern for Passacaglia. It is for a table-runner, but if you have fallen in love with the project and want to make a full-blown quilt, the clues are in the pattern. All that is completely off are the fabric-requirements.
The pattern is FREE ! And you can download it right here.

To celebrate the new pattern, and the season, both Linda and I are having a give-away.
Each of us are giving away 3/4 yards of the two fabrics used to make all of the blocks shown in this post. That is more than enough to fussy-cut the 4 blocks needed for the Table-runner.
Yes. They are fussy-cut from just two fabrics. Both from the Mezzanine collection from Michael Miller (Stained Glass and Gothic Arch).

The give-away goes through all of the Christmas gift-giving season as I know it :-) starting today, the 24th of December, because that is when gifts are given in my country, Denmark.

The give-away ends on January 6th, where gifts are given in - among other places - Russia and Spain, to celebrate the Three Kings.

This is what you do :
  • To get one chance to win the fabric, leave a comment on this post on this blog.
  • To get a second chance to win the fabric, go to Linda Franz's blog "All about Inklingo" and leave a comment there.
  • To get a third chance to win the fabric, put the Inklingo button (on the right side of the page of the Inklingo Projects blog, a bit down) on your own blog, and write about the give-away.
So, leave a comment and run over to Linda's blog and leave another comment.

Then, if you're a blogger, write a post on your own blog about the give-away and the FREE Passacaglia-pattern. And please : leave contact-information in your comment/s.
You cannot win if we cannot contact you !

23 December 2009

Passacaglia # 33

Well, strictly speaking it isn't # 33. It was made a good while ago, and I knew there was a block in there that I hadn't photographed and posted. I just couldn't bother to find out which.
BUT, today, I realized which one it was, so here it is.
Same fabric for the stars as in # 16, 29 and 31.

21 December 2009

Passacaglia # 31 and 32

I continue to be a bad blogger, with all too infrequent posts, but frankly, I have been working, and I have preferred to stitch, rather than blog, in the few moments I've had lately.
ANYway, here are the two most recent Passacaglia blocks.
Same fabrics as # 28 and 29.

14 December 2009

Passacaglia # 30

Well, even Christmas madness in the home of a pastor can quite stop the production of Passacaglia blocks.
Stripes and soft pinks and reds and a really green green :-)

07 December 2009

Passacaglia # 28 AND 29

I'm sorry it's been so long ! I really, truly apologize, but ... life happened, and then the camera decided to play hide-and-seek, and ... BUT there they are. Two blocks have been finished since my last post, both fussy-cut (and cut, not printed, unfortunately, but the repeat was not Inklingo-freindly)

Number 28, made from the same fabric as the 3 previous

Number 29 is made with the same fabric as # 16 which seems easier to understand, than the fact that the above and the 3 previous were made from the same print ... in the same colourway :-)