07 December 2009

Passacaglia # 28 AND 29

I'm sorry it's been so long ! I really, truly apologize, but ... life happened, and then the camera decided to play hide-and-seek, and ... BUT there they are. Two blocks have been finished since my last post, both fussy-cut (and cut, not printed, unfortunately, but the repeat was not Inklingo-freindly)

Number 28, made from the same fabric as the 3 previous

Number 29 is made with the same fabric as # 16 which seems easier to understand, than the fact that the above and the 3 previous were made from the same print ... in the same colourway :-)


Jillian said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Amazing what you can get out of the same fabric.

Karen said...

The fussy cutting makes beautiful designs when the parts are sewn together. Like a kalediescope.

Elly D said...

They are all beautiful :-D

Vanesha Prescilla said...

Ayam Bangkok Adu