01 July 2007

Banners etc

.. but first : flowers that went perfectly with both vase and the table-topper-thingie.

Only flowers are new. The rest just went perfectly well with them :-)

And below, the banner that DDs freind made yesterday, back and front. DD couldn't be bothered to make a quilted one, but freind and I worked very well together most of the afternoon, designing and executing the vision.

Featuring :
3D-leaves, that will be sewn to the back-ground with a quilting-stitch, thus making the "string" in the centre of the leaf as well as securing it.
AND folded origami-"flowers" that can be said to look like the quatrefoils that are part of the 4H-logo ... at least when the colours are green. DD has ordered one as a hairpiece, so ... that'll be the job of today ... after church :-)

1 comment:

Shelina said...

That is a nice banner. I really like the little quilt with you are making. A simple checkerboard looks wonderful (and is next on my list of things to make), and your shapes will look wonderful on it.
Your flowers are just gorgeous, especially with that table topper.