30 January 2007

Progress in knitting

There has been serious progress on the sweater. The bulk of the knitting is now finished. BUT, as you may see, the neckline looks a bit ... weird.

That's because it is :-)
When doing two-colour knitting (or more than 2-colour knitting), in a steady, repeated pattern, I don't do knit and purl rows :-) I just knit round and round on my round-knitting-needles :-)
And where the opening will be for the sleeves and the throat, I add 4 and purl them, letting the pattern start and stop around them.

It makes for what you see on the right. The opening is actually the white masks you see closed off (they will be opened) and above them, a vertical row of dark blue, "breaking" the pattern a bit. Perhaps not awfully easy to see, but it's the best I can do :-)
Then I take the (almost) finished knitting to my sewing-machine and sew a double seam on each side of the middle, and then ... I cut !! Yes. Take out the scissors and cut an opening.
You may gasp, but I have it on the best of authority, that on the Faroe-islands, they don't even bother to stitch. They just cut. Now, that's a major gasp for me :-)
ANYways, it seems to be called steeking and is a very simple (and time-saving) technique, once you've overcome your fear of cutting into a piece of knitting that has taken you "forever" :-)
I'll keep you posted on this one. My goal is to have it ready to tuck in all loose ends by the week-end.

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martha said...

OOO what a pretty sweater!!! and this is my first visit to your new blog...woohoo!!