27 January 2007

Re-cycling projects

On your right a PIG, or rather, a Prozag :-) (PIG = Project In Grocery-bag, Prozag = PROject in Zip-lock-bAG :-)
Fabric and pattern bought in Japan when we were there some years back. Very japanese fabric, actually, in colours I could never pick on my own.
SO, it was bought, and I started preparing to make it. Printed the paper for paper-piecing on the machine, copied and cut out the larger shapes in freezer-paper, and packed it away, without starting it properly, seeing that I needed to get both handles and a long-enough zipper.
Fast forward to today.
This was the day where this particular PIG was going to be worked on and with. Great. And then I looked. And I looked again.
Still love the fabric, and the pattern is nice-enough ....
BUT ....
I would never, ever use a bag like this, with fabric like this. The bag is either too large (for just having wallet and keys) or too small (to be useful when shopping or for work).
So. What to do ...
I slaughtered it :-)
And on your left is the result :-) the fabric now resides with what remains of the fabric I also got in Japan. Lovely Japanese indigos and some (too few, TOO few) of the very colourful, big-print fabrics that the Japanese do so well.
ANYways. That was a great relief.

The pattern went into the drawer that holds my pattern-collection. I'm not quite ready to let that one go. Perhaps, some day, I'll be sufficiently grown up to be able to actually use a ladies hand-bag like that one ....
Perhaps, some day, pigs will fly :-)

1 comment:

Hanne said...

A wise decision to recycle the project. The fabrics are lovely and the pattern looks good too. If you alter the shape a little maybe the purse will work better for you ?