18 January 2007

Reading books

As some might have noticed, I have made a list on the right-side margin of this blog. On it are the books I read. Only the ones I read "from scratch" :-) A re-read of an old favourite will not go there.
The reason I have started this list is, that I like to keep track of things that I moan about. Sort-of taking the wind out of my sails :-)
For ages, I've been moping about not getting books read, so this is the year, where I'm going to put it to the test. Do I, or do I not read books. New books. Not just re-reads of old freinds.
And so far the answer is : I do read :-)
BUT, occasionally I get stuck with a book.
I'm there with my present book.
Kate Mosse's "The Labyrinth"
It started out well enough, easy read, well-known subject. It's one of the multitude of Grail-novels that are out there at the present, and which were more-or-less started with Baigent and Leigh's "Holy Blood. Holy Grail" (and just for the record, I feel rather sorry for them for not getting some sort of recognition in Dan Brown's very overrated da Vinci Code, which to my eyes was nothing but a version of their book ... oh well)
ANYways. Kate Mosse's Labyrinth.
Easy read up until Chapter 20, and then ...
Mindless brutality and violence.
Oh, I can see that the author needs to establish some roles here. The innocence and harmless-ness of our heroes and heroines as well as the mindless brutality and insanity of their opponents, but frankly ... I don't have to read, in graphic detail, about brutality in order to understand that that is what is at stake.
I have now tried picking it up 3 times, and have soldiered through another chapter each time ... but I don't relax. This is not enjoyable to read. I'm waiting, poised, for when next to look away, only ... with a novel you can't really do that ! you need to find out where the gore ends and the plot picks up again, and even - perhaps - to know if there are plot-lines within the graphic descriptions ...
And that is why I'm going to cut my losses and put it away.
I don't like graphic violence in movies. I don't like graphic violence in pictures. I don't like graphic violence in books.
This is why I have completely stopped reading Patricia Cornwell.
This is why I miss Inspector Morse more than I can say.
And this is why I'm going to never finish this particular novel.
Too bad. It was a fairly good read for the first 19 chapters.

Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoy Tom and Jerry as much as the next man, but realistic descriptions of how cruel and vicious man can be to man ... thank you, no. I do not do that for recreation. There's too much of it in the news and in real life already.

And now the quest is on for finding another book to read :-) I think I'll go to the library tomorrow, and browse in their "historical novel" dept. :-) They are usually my favourite reads. Those and good crime-novels ... like Inspector Morse :-)
... oh, and any book from the most shop-lifted author in Great Britain : Terry Pratchett ... and the most sold one : J.K.Rowling ... and J.K. Rowling's favourite author too, Jane Austen :-)
Too bad I have already read them all :-)


jenclair said...

I miss Inspector Morse, too!

V said...

Tilde, I love your booklist idea, and I hope you take it as flattery that I'm going to shamelessly steal your idea for my blog. I'll give you full credit, and will add your link to mine, if you don't mind.
I will list everything I read, though, and old friends will appear. It's more for my information than anyone else's - my blog isn't exactly a bestseller - but I love them and will enjoy looking back on them.
Have you ever read anything by Robertson Davies? He's one of my all time favourite authors. I've never heard of Britain's all time most-shoplifted author, but will investigate her.
Now, back to either quilting "Dear Mom" or studying my Accounting text for my class (who ever decided Human Resources people needed Accounting to complete their designations was simply cruel)...
(by the way, about the yeast discussion - I cheat and use my breadmaker for the kneading)
Veronica Richmond
Oakville, Ontario

Shelina said...

I think that keeping a list is a great idea. I had thought about doing that when my daughter was born - keeping a list of what she reads, but I didn't have the time or the energy then!
I'm glad it is showing that you are reading - you are finding time to do the things you like to do, which is always good. I think if there was a book that I really liked that had spots that I didn't, I may just skip or skim that section, and move on to the next. If the book bores me to tears, I would just move on to the next book. Not enough time to force myself to read those.