16 January 2007

The bear-house

On your left : the tiny bear's house from Gail Wilson. In the right, back corner is the most recent finish : the cupboard. Seated in the chairs are her small Valentine's dolls, and on the "loft" or rather, the "shelf" for sleeping (called a "hems" in this country), are the two sizes of bear-beds, with bedding and "quilts"

It is great to see such an organized little home. There are now only 2 kits left to be made : one with a ladder, a two more tiny accessories, and one with the bears. I still blanch at the thought of making bears in sizes 1½" to 2½". Yes. That's what it says on the kit !!! Some day I will, though :-) Some day, I'll even make the clothes for them :-) (the kit comes with patterns and fabrics for that too).

BUT, this was just to show off the cupboard. I simply couldn't make a picture of that alone work, but it is there, in the right corner, and the paint is even dry !

1 comment:

Hanne said...

What a super cute bear house Tilde. You will make the bears too I hope :-)