03 January 2007

A bit about BOB

Let me introduce you to BOB.
BOB in my mouth, is the Bag Of miscellaneous Blocks from all different sorts of sources.
Experiments in colour
Experiments in technique
Surplus blocks from projects
All sorts of blocks, that have not (yet) made it into projects. Some may never come that far.

For all sorts of reasons, and all sorts of different reasons, these blocks are not discarded, tossed or done away with, because I live in the hope, that one day, they will become "something" :-)

Coasters (mug-rugs).
Small bags, purses or totes.
Tiny wall-hangings.
They could be anything, actually :-) and they are a treasure-trove to dig into, when I need a quick-fix finish, or a fast-and-furious gift.
Everything in my BOB can be transformed into "something" with about an hours work :-)

If you have sharp eyes, and notice things, you may have noticed, that most of what is in BOB right now are small blocks : Dear Jane, Dear Hannah, Quilted Diamonds.

There are a few "big" blocks in there, though they are not visible in the picture. I know for a fact, that somewhere in there lurks several 6" blocks !!!
Huge, compared to Dear Jane :-)
But ... seeing that practically everything I've made over the past many years of quilting has been related to Jane, one way or another, BOB is also a reflection of what interests me and what I work on, and for the past 6 or 7 years, it's been small blocks.

BOB doesn't bother me :-) But I do count it as an UFO :-) About the only "true" UFO left on my shelves. As such, it has a certain antiquarian interest, if no other :-)

All the same, I count it as only one UFO.
There is no knowing how many projects will - eventually - be born from it, and it's contents fluctutate. Within the past year, I've added a good dollop of surplus diamonds from my QD-project, and 6 prepared, but not yet sewn, blocks from a pattern by Carol Honderich : Women of the Bible Quilt (they are the 6" blocks)

On the other hand, I've also used from it to make tiny totes for myself, DD and freinds and some potholders for gifts. So things go in, things come out, and the grand total seems to be more-or-less constant.
And that, my freinds, was BOB :-)

1 comment:

Hanne said...

I found 4 mini blocks in my BOB today that will go very well with my next project. I will start a little stitchery to make a toiletry purse for a very new little baby, with my BOB blocks included. First Ufo finish in 2007 ?
I do not count my BOB as an Ufo, but I am not adding much to it either :-)