22 January 2007

Cinderella on a Monday

You know, Cinderella, always slaving, her work never done, people yelling at her all the time ... well ... sometimes, just sometimes, I feel a bit like Cinderella ... without the prince, though. And I'm prone to go into poor-little-Cinderella-like me mode whenever organizing and cleaning is on the agenda.
BUT, today was the day where the writing tools in my sewing-room got looked at.
And as you can see from the picture, a make-over was much needed. Lots of unopened pencils, and lots and lots of opened and partly used ones, not to mention mechanical pencils and pens and ...
Well. Everything has now been sorted, tossed, re-organized and looks good :-)

And on your right.
The finished doll-bed. With quilt ! Those 9-patches almost killed me ! BUT they are done and they look good too ... considering that they have been machine-pieced ... by me. I'm not good at machine-piecing, but I'm getting better. The 9-patches are just over 1" finished size, which makes each little square just about 3/8" finished ... the madness of it ...
ANYway, it helps me get better at machine-piecing :-)
Just as a little bit of organizing each day makes it a little bit better every day :-)
And that, my dears, is good enough :-)

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Wenche said...

Hello from Wenche in Ă…lesund,
love your blog. Hugs to you all.