03 January 2007

First finishes of 2007

And here are the first two finishes of the year
Pictures are rather fuzzy, but that can't really be helped when an amateur like myself tries to photograph very small things :-)

Both samplers come from Gail Wilson and both are tiny.
The one on the right is part of her Early American Doll series, that I've subscribed to for so long that I have all the kits. At present, however, only a few of those kits have turned into finished projects :-) BUT, they will get done, in their own good time.

The one on the left here, is part of her Tiny Bear House :-) My private substitute for the "Glorious Doll House" that will in all probability never happen in this house :-)
But that's ok :-)
I like bears better anyway :-)

So, that's 2 down :-) and I'm down to 7 not-yet-finished projects ... as long as that lasts

I feel good about this :-)

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