19 January 2007

Doll-quilts and ...

On your right : the blocks for the doll-bed-quilt.
Not trimmed (yet). They will be ... I hope / plan ... but that is for later today.
What is likewise for "later today" is the doll-bed. It needs to be stringed, and then it can be made up properly, once the quilt is finished :-)
It's going to be a really cute set :-)
... or perhaps I should write "another cute set".

I love Gail Wilson's doll-stuff, even if the colours she usually works with are not really "me", but they are all co-ordinating beautifully with the rest of series, and I'm plodding along, being a good girl, doing as I'm told.

And no. That is NOT a first :-) thank you very much.
I usually am a good girl, and I usually follow directions.
Yes I do
The first time around, anyway. After that, it's a completely different matter :-) Mostly I find that I can do things slightly differently, and start tweaking matters :-) This will happen with the bed too. The quilt for the trundle-bed will not be a 9-patch :-) Yes. There's a trundle bed which goes below this one. With a quilt.
BUT, I will not make any more 9-patches this size, at least not until I have completely forgotten how much I disliked making these. I'll make 4-patches ! They can be strip-pieced without problems and without any serious measuring (apart from the general getting the strips to line up as you run them through the machine), AND they can very easily be trimmed to the same size :-)
... and then, possibly, some time in the future, BOB will donate a nice applique-block which will then become an applique medallion-quilt for the bed :-)
So, that is today's general sewing-story from here :-)
Have a beautiful week-end, wherever you are :-)

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