27 December 2006

A quilt for DD

And here they are.
Some of the blocks that I'm going to use in DD's quilt.

I really love those colours. All of them are hand-dyes. Most of them are by Val Champ (I have her e-mail should you want any of her gorgeous fabrics for your own collection)

I have a total of 14 blocks that are finished or almost finished :-) The "almost" means, that they need one more diamond-shape on each of their 6 sides :-) I had another setting in mind when I started this one. BUT, it will get the same basic setting as the little pink one in my previous post.

Now, the really wonderful thing about this is, that I have printed out everything with Inklingo, and it goes so fast ! I have all of the blocks printed, 14 made, 7 more cut out and ready to roll, and the last handful (for my present setting-and-size) are on their freezer-paper, waiting to be cut out.

The dog in the picture ???
I'll tell you the story some other day :-) Haven't got the time right now :-) Suffice to say, that it's a gift from DD, that his (!) name is Pewsey :-) and that he takes a lively interest in anything needle-crafty :-)

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