19 May 2007

... on with the new !

A finished trundle-bed for my doll from Gail Wilson
The quilt is not the 9-patch the directions directed me to make, seeing that I really disliked making a 9-patch quilt for the real bed earlier this year
So it turned into a 4-patch quilt, set on point and rather than sashing-strips, it was alternate plain squares. I like that setting a lot, and in spite of my not following directions, I still think it looks cute :-)
Oh, and the colour on the bed is not as directed either :-) I'm getting slightly fed up with the green that goes with just about anything in her kits. Good thing that paint is available for money in shops :-)

And then : on with the new !
Today, I'll start a project from this book (on your left: Yoko Saito "Houses, houses, houses" ISBN 4-14-031131-2)
It will be a small purse of some sort. Which one will be decided when I check out what sizes (and colours) of zippers are available in my hidden storage areas :-)

I hope for a 12 cm zipper in a neutral colour, 'cause I would really looove to make THIS one (on the right), and I wouldn't want to have to go out in the damp, slightly cold streets just to feed my need to make it :-)
BUT if that's what it takes, I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it.

And I'm very happy that I don't have to buy a metric quilt-ruler just for this ... I bought it more than a year ago to have it ready for when I felt I could, with a good conscience, start on some of the many wonderful projects I have in my (growing) collection of japanese patterns and books :-)
Yes, sometimes the squirrel-tendencies are quite useful :-)
So that's what's happening here.
Things are finished.
New things are started :-)

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Shelina said...

What a beautiful trundle bed quilt. I really like the setting. I'm glad you are willing to break the rules. The houses are really cute too. Maybe once you have more practice, you can make a big house to house your bed!