15 May 2007

No more all alone

The wall is no longer alone and afraid.
It now keeps company with all the small applique-blocks I have accumulated during the past 4 years. Yes. It's been that long since I started the first DearJane Applique Sewciety blocks.
Over time, DJAS changed to Heart-and-Hand, courtesy of Diane Rode Schneck, Dear Hannah-blocks have been added, and a few of my own and of DDs design.
So it really is a quilt with all sorts of designs, motivs and colours ... which is why the preliminary title is "All-Sorts"
(and in case you wonder, yes, I love Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts)

It will not become the huge quilt I originally envisaged, but it will be finished as a "Not quite twin- but slightly too big to be a lap-size"-quilt.

Yes. Just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it :-D

And then a wee bit of eye-candy. The view from our bed-room door.
And in case you wondered, the house you see is not our house, but looks is exactly like it, just mirror-image :-)

Please note the gorgeous pink-flowered pergola on the right side of the picture :-) It looks soooo beautiful right now :-)

You can even forget that immediate cross-the-road neighbour has dug up his entire front-yard right now, and it looks as messy as ours used to do :-)

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