27 May 2007

Fabrics and rabbits and cats

.... oh my.
On your right, first prototype rabbit. I like the look of this one well enough, BUT, I don't like the fact, that you really do have to like curved piecing or the way I've set the ears. The ears, I could work on, the curved piecing ... no.
So I had to come up with another way of doing this particular kind of critter, and fortunatly I remembered Ellen's webshots of all her gorgeous Chuck Nohara applique-blocks, and there it was, the prototype for the second attempt at a rabbit
Oh, you want to see it ? OK :-) Go here ... and while you're there, look through her entire album of appliques. The blocks are 4½" finished size !!
ANYways, I then tried to make a rabbit a wee bit like the one of the applique, and the result is the blue and yellow critter. Only 2 pattern-pieces. Nice :-)

And the owls have eyes ! and are slowly turning into quite a family of owls.
As you can see, I have now made a smaller version, and I actually like this format better. One is finished, 5 more are ready to stuff, embroider beaks, put eyes on and close at the bottom. 3 blues and 2 more reds ... enough to make play-pieces for a tic-tac-toe game :-) ... and then I guess that I'll just *have* to make a board as well ... quilted, naturally :-)

The final picture for today is of some of the results of my S.E.X. yesterday. No, it is not a naughty word, it is an acronym. Please note the full stops.
It means "Stash Enhancment eXpedition". So there :-)
A series of neutrals with linedrawings or almost line-drawings (by Carol Endres), two Kaffe Fasset ikat-stripes, two batiks and some soft, rose/brown fabrics. To me, it's a pleasing combination, and they will be made into something ... preferably on the machine ... preferably using BIG pieces (i.e : more than 1/4" square, finished size).

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Shelina said...

Tilde, your bunnies and owls are adorable! What a great idea to use them on a tic tac game. Your fabric selection looks great too. I just love buying fabric and thinking of all the possibilities of what they could wind up being.