12 May 2007

Progressing in Copenhagen

DFreind's quilt-top is now finished. Her first attempt :-) But I took over the second half of getting the borders on, after she had taken a year not to get it done ... it then took me more than a year to get it done, but ... at least they are on now :-)

And shortly, it will be going across the pond for quilting

The Sampler is progressing too.
I decided to do the star-corner, and now I'm getting cold feet.
With sashings thrown into the equation, getting just remotely fancy stuff in the border is only really feasible if it's applique'ed, so ... that idea has been tossed ... even though I liked it :-)

BUT, this is where I am right now.
Picture of DD's re-bordered quilt will come when it's finished :-)

1 comment:

Shelina said...

Both of these quilts look great. I like the checkerboard quilt with all the different colors. The border fabric is really pretty too.

The sampler quilt is really coming along. The sashing really draws the attention to the blocks, like they should.