23 May 2007

I got candy !!!

See what the mail-man brought me.

Fabric-candy :-)
And its not fattening at all !! rather the opposite. At least the wallet has a risk of going on a crash-diet :-)
Aren't they gorgeous ? They look even better in real life :-) and what you cannot see is, that they shimmer slightly. Not gaudily. Just enough to change the hue a bit, depending on the direction you have the light coming from, and the angle from which you see it.

I see a doll-quilt in the near future :-)

And the yard for the house is in progress.
One tree sewn, one prepared, 3 more to prep. and sew.

Yes. It will be very cute :-)

... even if my long suffering DH doubts my sanity more than he usually does. Or rather, he doesn't :-) This one settles the issue once and for all.

... naw. He doesn't really understand my need to fidget with tiny bits of fabric, but he likes the results, and he enjoys my enjoyment. Which is good :-)

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