02 May 2007

Life goes on ...

Well. It does.
There *is* a life after finishing a QD top :-)

And seeing that the sashing-fabric has arrived, been washed and is in the process of being cut, the sampler is now the thing progressing.
DH could see that this does have quite a punch. Not in the intense way the QD does, rather ... in a very loud sort of voice :-)

It is my priority-project until the top is finished and on it's way to the quilter.
But I'm .... dithering.
Should I do a plain edge, or should I fool around, and make a (visible) star in just one corner ??? (this is a mock-up on the design-wall, nothing more, so don't despair at the bad sewing ... it isn't sewn ... which might explain some things .... :)

Sashings and corner-stones of the upper right corner has been sewn.
Partly at least :-)
I had to see if the plan works as I would like it to ... and it seems that it does :-) Oh, and yes, there is progress on the small applique blocks.
No less than 5 blocks have been finished since I finished the QD-top :-) Not ironed, and not a good picture ... but the blocks are sewn ... which is good :-)

So ... life goes on, and "new" projects progress :-)


martha said...

oooOOOOoooo lookin good! I like the star corners! and the blue!

Shelina said...

All sorts of pretty things to look at. The quilt top looks great - I think having a star peeking out in the border would look wonderful1 The applique is great too. I really admire how much you can accomplish.