24 May 2007

Owls in the bog ....

Well, sorry, but that's a colloquial Danish expression, meaning that one has a suspicion that whatever is going on is not as it should be. This, however, is not an owl in a bog :-) It is a stuffed owl on my deck.
I first saw owls like this over at Moonstitches's blog. Unfortunately, she didn't make the pattern so she cannot sell or give it away. It's from a japanese book, that I frankly don't have the courage to try and order, even if she does link to Amazon-Japan. So I looked at her owls and was ... envious.
Then she made a tutowlrial and I decided to try and construct a useable pattern myself, and the owl here is the first result. I didn't use cardboard for it's bottom, but a seriously big washer, and I did wrap the washer in a wee bit of batting, to make it softer to the touch and easier to manipulate the fabric for the joining of the top and the bottom part ... but I have made my first owl. Yes. First. I do foresee more in a near future as I tweak the pattern to fit my needs and desires and wishes :-)

And the house is progressing more or less according to plan. What is next on the agenda is to come up with a way I can mark these tinies on the front, without risking it to show once the bag is joined ... I think perhaps a small running-stitch just outside of the seam-line might do the trick ? Then I can get the three of them quilted separately. That needs to happen before I join them.

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