21 May 2007

Decisions, decisions ....

On your left, the composite parts of the first tiny block for the very small purse I'm pursuing :-)
Yes. It is a 6" ruler to the left of the bits.

Do not sneeze !
Some of these bits are going to finish at 1/8" wide !!!
... when I finish it.
I will keep you posted :-)

And then to the title of this post.


The major decision I'm about to embark on, is exactly what I'm going to do with the small applique-blocks.
Will I finish them, just "with themselves" so to speak ? As on the picture here, or will I combine them with the Baltimore medallion ?

The reason the medallion is back in the equation is, that I want to use it. And if I'm searching deep down into my soul, I know that the probability of my making another 12 or 18 Baltimore-style blocks is not very high. At least not while I still have so many other quilts I want to do and styles, techniques, combinations, colours that I want to play with.
So, I've actually trimmed the medallion, and have now put it up on the wall, along with the small blocks.
Set like this, I need to make 4 blocks that finish at 12" ... and they would very probably be paper-cut style. Either Elly S' or my own ... but I would use all of the small blocks, and with a 6" border (well quilted) it will still be as big as my Dear Jane, and that's big enough to cover a queen-size bed.

The thing is, that I really want this medallion to be a thing not "only" of beauty but also of usefulness, and if the latter is going to happen within a foreseeable future, it needs to be part of something that is not a complete Baltimore-album, 'cause frankly, that's not going to happen any time soon.

And yes. I know. There is some clashing of style there. Formal and informal. "Real" Baltimore and folk-art. All mixed up with each other ... but then ... that's not a bad image of what I am. I can dress up to the nines for a gala-premiere. I can move about in a power-suit and make people think I belong in the executive corridors of a corporation. I can scoop my grey hair up into a pony-tail and dabble around with bare feet in my sandals and a worn t-shirt over a pair of well-washed jeans.
I'm all of that :-)
And frankly, I think it would not be a bad thing to make a quilt that shows this :-)
... And I guess there's no harm done in just starting some 12" paper-cut blocks ... I can always use them for something else, if the above layout is not the one I decide to work with in the end :-)


Jane Weston said...

I like the little blocks with the medallion...from where I'm sitting it looks really good.

Jeanne said...

Tilde, it is wonderful! Get those four blocks filled in and you have a keeper.

martha said...

Love the Little House blocks too:) That purse is going to be a classic!

Shelina said...

Tilde, I love your Baltimore Album - all of the blocks look wonderful together. I really like this setting too. Your house blocks are cute too, I wouldn't be able to figure out how to fit all those different shapes together.