04 June 2007

More owls ....

As you can see, there now are no less than 6 small owls ... waiting. 3 blue ones and 3 red ones. They are the "useful" small owls :-) who will live (I hope) a long and satisfying life as play-pieces for a tic-tac-toe game.

The playing-board of which is now in the process of being quilted. Machine-pieced in an afternoon.
Nice :-)

...and next I dusted off my frame-on-a-stand to hand-quilt that one. First time in years (literally) with hand-quilting taking place in this house ... and you can tell from the stitches.
No, there is no close-up of any stitching here :-) But take my word for it. They are uneven in both size and precision. And frankly, I don't care one jot :-) If I continue to find my quilting unsatisfactory, I'll just call it Folk Art and be happy :-)

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