15 June 2007

Small steps

... or, as the saying is in this country : he who travels with oxen arrives too.
The front of the tiny purse is now quilted (such as it is) and joined. It is possibly the most fidgety knee-cap-protector I have ever made :-)
But it looks cute enough.

Now its on to the equally small pieces that go on the blocks on the back of this thing.

And the other picture ?
Well. Just because :-) and to remind me that life not only holds taupe, there's pink and the shimmer of raindrops in a lazy sun in there too.


Jeanne said...

What a beautiful picture you have captured of the rose! Thanks for sharing. The knee cap protector ;-)is looking good.

Shelina said...

You have a beautiful knee cap protector! and such a nice yard with pretty flowers. I just loved your post about the UFO faeries. I think the faeries breed as fast as the UFOs here, and have formed an army to protect the UFOs.