04 June 2007

The UFO-fairies

Well, I thought I had better bring this one into the public eye, rather than having it lying around on my hard-disk :-)
And please note, that in this post "UFO" refers to "Un Finished Object" of the needle-work sort, rather than other possible expansions of the abbreviation

UFO-fairies ... well ... UFO-fairies do exist !

What do you say ?
Didn't you know ?

The problem, however, is ....

Now ... we all know about the flower-fairies. Snowdrops and
daisies, and roses and tulips, even brambles ! Each of these have their own pretty fairy .... but ...
Did you ever wonder about the look and
the temperament of the fairie of the stinging-neetle ?
Not to speak of hemlock or poison-ivy ?

The UFO-fairies are closely related to the poison-ivy-type of fairies :-)
And know, clearly, without a doubt in your mind, that they are not nice. Besides, they see their duty clear ! T
hey help the UFOs ... not you !

So, to trust in the UFO-faires means trusting that they will keep the UFOs hidden, until said UFOs have truly multiplied. And then they'll only let go of one or two of their charges, and will keep all the rest hidden from your eyes.
They will hide them at the back of closets and the bottom of drawers. They will stuff them into the recesses of your shelves and under your bed. In short, they will see to it, that there is, at all times, at least 5 different projects placed in ideal breeding-grounds.

Because, as we all know, UFOs do breed. And their favourite breeding-grounds are in the back of
closets, and the bottom of drawers and ....
Knowing this, the
UFO-fairies will do their utmost to keep you away from those places, so that their wonderful charges can grow and breed, undisturbed and unmolested by the dreadful "Finishers" !!!

Naturally, this entails hard work for the fairies at times. Work which
includes taking out lots of stuff in your sewing-area, and spreading it in weird places. Hiding essential equipment, thus making it necessary for you to get another one (which will send you not only out of the
sewing-room, but out of the house ... or at least, in front of the computer, in which case your UFOs are "safe" anyway :-), spreading fabric around, and putting interesting and inspiring bits in there, which necessitates your starting another project ... and also necessitates your scrambling through your stash to find co-ordinates ... and yes, the UFO-fairies will help you to do that ... and will drop fabric absolutely everywhere to ensure that you don't get close to any
of the already exisiting UFOs, just as they will render you every possible service in your quest to create another UFO.

UFO-fairies are hard to evict from your sewing-space, once you have an infestation, but it can be done. What is more. Occasionally, one or more UFO-fairies have known to transform into a WIP-fairy, who will actually encourage you to finish things. The transition, however, is very tough for all parties involved, and can take years ! (WIP = Work In Progress)

But it is well worth it, when you see your stack of beautiful finishes :-) and you take the last of your UFO-fairies by their scrungy (and possibly quite dirty) ear, and toss it out along with its pets : the dust-rabbits.
BUT, the dust-rabbits is an entirely different story, and you won't get that one now :-)


martha said...

In order for the UFO Faiey to be thransformed in to a WIP fairy, do we need to capture it and sprinkle it with something? Or is there a better way?

spinquilt said...

I love your description of the UFO Fairies. I am in the process of evicting them from my house but it is a tough job

Elly D said...

So that's what happening in my closet. LOL. Now how so you deal with those dust bunnies?

Thank you for the giggle.

Sarah in Houston said...

Tilde, you are such a hoot! You make the UFOs and WIPs in my studio make me laugh instead of cry! Sarah in Houston