08 June 2007

Showing the shower

And why ?
Because fabric is stuck to the tiles in the shower :-) and looking good. v.g. (read your Bridget Jones if you don't know what that is.) ... and why fabric is stuck to the tiles of the shower ? well ... to dry :-) When I hand-wash small samples of fabric, or the odd F/4, I don't want to hang it, and I certainly don't want to tumble-dry it, so ... while wet, it gets stuck to the tiles, and it stays there until it is dry ... after which it just falls off on its own :-)

And the game-board - with its owl playing-pieces for a quick game of tic-tac-toe - is finished. Quilted and bound, and has been used already :-) Both kiddies have been licked by their old mama (aka : me) and the board, with owls, have taken up residence (temporary or permanent ... who can tell) at the dining-table, from which all life in this house takes it's departure and to which all life in this house returns :-)
This picture, however is taken on the (rather worn) deck.

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takinanap said...

splendid idea - the fabric on the shower wall. and what a nice treat to see the wall as it changes with fabrics on, fabrics off.