31 August 2007


Well, there's progress on SE-2.
As you can see by the picture, first mock-up of the quilt is now up on the design-wall ... and looking good, even if I do say so myself.
It is a rather overwhelming quilt, and it'll end up HUGE ! but ... well ... I don't want to mess with doing these triangles in miniature-size. Their curved seams just about kills me in full-size, BUT I'm persevering. I'm piecing the last of the ones with curved seams. After that, it's 12 with just straight seams, and the one with the most pieces in that lot have 14 of them.
Piece of cake :-)

And then there's pictures of a stone.
We took it with us from the beach during our vacation in Jutland. Most people I know, pick up stones and shells and thingies when they walk on the beach. This one is not one of the usual "pick up and put in your pocket" stones. It's much, much larger. Its actually a two-hand stone (at least it is for me), and even DH doesn't have pockets big (and solid) enough for this one.
But it was a windy, rainy day, and the rock laid there, in the surf, glittering and beckoning and just looking beautiful. So I badgered DH to pick it up, and we took it with us.
What fascinates me about this stone is both the shape of the "band", and the colours ... and let me tell you straight out : the picture doesn't even begin to give justice to the colours.
When it is wet (as it is in the pictures), the light band is a sort-of golden rose. Don't know if that colour exists officially as it were, but that's what is is. Soft powder-rose pink with a golden hue and darker grains of old rose and grey-rose.
And look at the folds. Now, mind you, this is granite, and started out as two straight layers. One on top of the other. Then it solidified, and THEN mother nature decided to mess about a bit, and she proceeded to fold the sheets of rock until they look as you see them. Twisting and turning and snaking around each other.
Gives you pause doesn't it ? The forces of nature are not only awesome, they are down-rigth scary if you ponder them. And that's part of why I keep it. The other is, that this stone is a wonderful reminder to me what the japanese taupe palette is all about. Recreating the palette of nature in cloth :-)


martha said...

Well, this quilt is going to be one magnus opus indeed. At least until the next one.
The rock is a beauty. The white could be rose quartz, mebbee? and the grey looks like a granite, both igneous extrusions, later metamorphisized by tectonic movement and pressure and heat. Of course I am only guessing-it has been a long time since I studied geology. and yes the world is an amazing place. x:)

Shelina said...

Those blocks look wonderful - here I am whining about matching points in a simple quilt and you are doing all this intricate work. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.
That rock is amazing too - all those lovely shades of colors. You're going to have to turn that into a quilt!