09 August 2007

This morning's work

Well, occasionally I do get my act together. Also, the lesson that I've been teaching myself the hard way is : use it NOW, while its cool (or hot, or groovy or ... whatever).
I have too many fancy fabrics with all-over smallish or "stand-alone" largeish motives on them that are very suitable for kids .... 5-10 years younger than the ones I have.
Lesson is : Novelty-fabrics should be used immediately ! unless we're dealing with staples like the lining of this bag :

DD is heavily into black and sculls and bones and such-like, so ... got some fabric at the Repro-Depot, and hey presto : the work of a morning. "Sculls 'n' Coke" :-)

And seeing that the above shop doesn't seem to have more of it, I found the fabric on-line for you at other shops (no affiliation, and I can't even say I'm a satisfied customer, not having bought anything at either of these places)
Sculls and Coke.
The bag itself is out of Leanne Beadsley's "Romancing the Road-Trip. I just added a snap-hook, sewn into the inside seam. I tried to take a picture but it doesn't show well. ANYway, I put it into every bag I make, 'cause it's such a nice feature to have it for your keys ... unless of course you enjoy emptying your bag to find your keys (only to find you put them in your pocket ... sigh)

The book is a nice enough book. Patterns are very simple, and nice, if you don't want to "waste" a lot of time fidgeting with too small bits of fabric. If you have more than one book already with patterns for bags, I doubt that you need this one, though. There's a bit of stitchery in there too. And whereas I wouldn't want you to spend money on it if you already have books with bag-patterns, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone who's fairly new to sewing.
And now, a nice bag has been made from it :-) in a few hours :-) Good :-)

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