10 August 2007

Cats and Paws

Another bag is finished. And this one has no black, no sculls and no pop-art icons.
Nicely dark blue with very cute cats.

The shell-fabric was bought many moons ago when we were in Japan, so its a rather loose-weave japanese indigo. Darker than the South-African ones, and much coarser.
But still very, VERY cute :-) "Bought" on my own shelves this time around.

The lining is another shelf-shopping find.
Golden paw-prints on a cream-to-sand ground.
Works well together, even if the lining should have been "colder" in hue for the match to be perfect.
BUT, that's 2 bags finished in one day

... and this one is for ME !!!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Hi Tilde
just found your blog and love this bag . I have 3 cats and adore this fabric. The bag looks nice and roomy - ideal for fabric shopping !!!