23 August 2007

I love digital cameras

And why do I love digital cameras, do you ask ?
Take a look at the many pictures in this particular post.
They are all made with the same 2 sets of sewn-stripes triangles.

Now, in the "olden days" before the digital camera, I would have had to lay them out, and then change the layout, and then hope I could remember what the first layout looked like. Or I would have to draft them on paper ... or even take pictures, and then have to wait until the film was developed. These days, I take a digital camera (or a cell-phone), point it at the thing, click, and move on.

And in case of it being a big quilt, I would have a very hard time to get far enough away from the thing, to be able to "see it all", but ... not a problem, me old china :-) Works perfectly well, and with the small format of thumbnails, one does get a very good impression of the whole ... and can see boo-boos too ... hopefully before the quilt is quilted, signed and bound :-)
And my favourites in this lot ? Well, actually the first and the last picture ... but I fear that both of them would be much better in a lap-size or larger quilt .... and I don't have enough fabric for that. I'll keep you posted on what I choose, only, please, don't hold your breath :-)


martha said...

wow Tilde. These are cool. reminds me of Seminole strip piecing-which is a great idea for a doll quilt:)

tami said...

I love my digital camera too. It was a great invention.
The quilt blocks are really neat. Personally I like the long skinny one. It looks so dimensional. I understand it doesn't use both colorations of the triangle blocks, but you could make it into a reversible table runner, light on one side and dark on the other. :-D

Shelina said...

Tilde, you certainly have been a bag making queen! Great job. These blocks are so pretty. I like having a digital camera too, for the very same reason. I know I can't remember different layouts in my mind.
The three in the middle have a three dimensional quality to them. I like all five settings. Maybe you can make one of each. :)