13 August 2007

Still more bags

It does seem almost incredible, doesn't it ? Those are bags # 3-6 you see on the right.

All four bags have 4H-fabric on the outside of the flap. All 4 bags have the lions-and-parrots etc, mostly green fabric for shell.
Two have tiger-lining and two have leopard-lining. But ... they are fully reversible, so there could be two tiger-bags and two leopard-bags :-)

Below is a close-up with shell-fabric showing.

And this is really another sad story about great fabric with pictures on it, bought while kiddies were small ... dreams were high and energy and time was very low, so ... no skirts or shorts or quilts happened with any of these fabric.
Very sad actually.
BUT, at least they now get a life as bags for kids who love animals :-)
AND the fancy fabric I bought with DD in mind has been used for stuff for DD. The rest can now mature on my shelves (or not, as fancy takes HER). The main issue being : fancy fabric bought for specific persons should be used asap, or, put more directly :
Do not wait for when you have time. Whip up something that will give your Home-Ed teacher nightmares forever (or make her turn in her grave), but USE it for the kids you bought it for ... while they still think it cool !!!
Besides, know that the formula of "Cute fabric + moderately to very cute kid = No-one looks closely at the construction".
It's true too !! Try it :-)


martha said...

I'm sure these bags will delight the recipients! I do love making bags!.. I am not finished with my bag making ventures yet. Yesterday I was able to get some brown wool to make a felted bag for ME. Last year I made three for other people and this year it is my turn. ANyway it was fifty percent off so I bought it! So that i my knitting project fo the fall.
Love the bag-and the dd is so pretty-skulls and all.we are blessed, xoxox

Jeanne said...

Tilde, your bags are all super! I'm sure they will make the perfect accessory for whoever uses them.