21 August 2007

Progressing on triangles

There is progress on the triangles. Still just a mock-up, but it's looking good :-) Clearer colours than is shown on this picture, but still ...
Yes, it will be a fairly pink quilt. Good thing I love pink :-)
And frankly, after a long period of working browns and taupes and muted colours, it's wonderful to be back with "my" colours.
... all the same. Browns and greys and taupes are growing on me.

And the other picture is two MORE bags.
Yes. Made a zebra-and-coke bag for ME, 'cause I really liked the "in your face" red of the coke-fabric with the black-and-white of DD's sculls fabric ... just didn't like the sculls. Personally, I think the zebra-fabric is a good substitute.
And then a huge, not particularly lovely, but very useful bag made with a stripe-fabric I got far too little of (the shop - it turned out - measured in increments of 30 cm, not meters so ...3 of those only got me a yard, not the 3 I thought I would get.
Oh, well. ANYways, the tote is finished and will hold quilt, chocolate, water and a book for taking to the beach or the park or ... in short : very useful.

And then a small addendum to my words on Leanne Beadsley's "Romancing the Road Trip". Yes. The patterns are very simple, and I - in my arrogance - have been thinking "too simple". Well, the fact remains that I had never - until I got that book - thought it necessary to have a pattern for such very simple bags as these ... but then, until I got that book, I never made any bags !!! So, there ! Guess the irony (and hopefully, the laugh) is on me :-)
I'm making bags ... and am enjoying myself hugely. There can be great satisfaction in making something very simple.

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martha said...

Hello-the trianglse are achingly beautiful Yes I know that is dramatic! and I mean it in a very dramatic sense.
and you know I am a bag a holic my self and that I do still buy patterns!
I have a new pattern for a messenger bag but haven't got around to buying the zippers.The pattern calls for three! Maybe I don't want zippers?! and of course my perfectionism tells me that I must have the exact same colored zippers as my faborc and more such like nonsense....xoxo