02 October 2007

Long time no write

So, here's hello to everyone :-)
It's been a month ! since I last wrote. Yes, time does run on, doesn't it. BUT, term has started, full gale, at the university, and I've been working.

Do you remember the blocks I showed off last year ? that turned into a kick ... donkey top ?
Well. I did the blocks with a freind, and we both made tops.
And guess what ! Her top has turned into a quilt, which was in a quilt-show this past week-end, and ! she won a viewer's choice ribbon !

Isn't that wonderful ! ? !

I'm so proud to be allowed to have been in a very small way a part of that gorgeous quilt. And I'm so happy for her that her creative setting and hard work pays off this way.
Oh, and just so that you don't get an all text-post today, here's a picture of our 3 kitties eating.

From left to right : Baby (or : velcro)-cat called Josephine, tail-less gentleman called Puskin, and shy lady with rococo-legs called Sorte (blackie)


jude said...

working, yes, it always gets in my way. nice kitties.

Maria said...

I love cats, I´ve got two one name Frodo and one tail-less we rescued this summer called Benny ( like Benny the ball)
Good to have you back