29 October 2007

Critters in quilting

Sometimes preparing for a new quilt isn't all that easy ... as can be seen.
I was working "hard" to prepare lots of bits with Inklingo which makes preparing quilts for hand-piecing a breeze ! when Pushkin, the tail-less gentleman decided that I lacked company, and seeing that my cutting-mat held no fabric, he made do with freezer-paper.
Note, however, that front paws are clinging to fabric.

BUT, I persevered in my pursuit and he lost interest in being shuffled around all the time, so I could print lots of brown, beige and taupe bits for a new carry-along hand-sewing project. About half a quilt prepared for hand-sewing, with stitching-lines and cross-hairs and all the trims ... in an afternoon ... and that was with serious printer-trouble on the way !

And I do need a take-along project. Not a project to work on at home, because my at-home priority project right now, and in the foreseeable future, will be the hand-quilting of the Allsorts Applique Album. Picture here shows the finished top. It is now layered and basted and ready to roll. I'm holding out a wee bit longer, though, with the start of quilting. I have two small doll-quilts that I need to bind first.
But Allsorts will keep ... and will probably keep me company all winter. That is usually the way of hand-quilting. It takes forever ... but it does look wonderful in the end.


martha said...

This is such a fun quilt. It makes me want to start anther sampler! I cannot get any mail from my server so contact me thru blog if you want to reach me.

Catherine said...

I'm firmly convinced any quilt has to have the requisite amount of kitty hair to be finished -- at least in this home it does! Beautiful applique quilt.