05 November 2007

Another bag is finished

This really seems to be the year of making bags for me.
ANYways, on your left is the knitted and felted bag, with silk-lining and a wonderful, real mother-of-pearl button to keep the ends together and form the "handle"

I love the textured play of colours in mother of pearl, and this particular button has been with me for quite a few years now. Waiting for "that perfect project". That has now been found.

Unfortunately I'm not very good at photographing things like that, and to get the full enjoyment of it, I would need (at least) 10 pictures from different angles and with different lights. HOWever, I hope the picture will give you a small idea about what it "does". Oh, and it's 2" diameter. Quite massive.

Next picture is the Allsorts. Quilting is in progress, and things are moving according to the ambitious (and probably impossible in the long run) dream-plan of quilting a block a day. I know there will be days when this is not possible. On those days, getting one thread done will be good.

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